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Conscientia Beam recognizes the sole requirements of the scholarly societies and their journals in the rapidly changing information industry. Conscientia Beam develops its individual strength on Quality, Vision, and Impact.  We can work with societies to develop society journals by setting up the shared priorities, set realistic goals, increase global readership, increase new submissions to the individual society journals.

With a deep, specialized knowledge of the production and distribution process, Conscientia Beam’s content management team provides exceptionally high-quality service and advice to editors, authors, and readers. The Publishing Editor assigned to your journal will work closely with your editorial team to design a schedule and tailor procedures to meet their precise needs. From receipt of copy through copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, producing electronic files, conducting quality assurance, printing, binding, and posting online, Conscientia Beam will supervise every step of the production process for each journal.

Maximize the reach and impact of your content while maintaining firm control of your editorial policy. We’re committed to helping you develop and enhance your editorial content and quality at all times, both online and in print.
By using the SEO technology, print, and social media (Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, etc.), Conscientia Beam committed to promote your high-impact papers globally.

If you want to start NEW society journal OR would like to publish your existing journal with Conscientia Beam please send your proposal to: newjournal@conscientiabeam.com 

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